2020 Season Extended!

We are extending the season through SEPTEMBER 27!


Yes, due to the delayed opening and schools returning to various forms of remote, in-class, and hybrid sessions this semester, we have arranged for the pool to remain open on a modified schedule through September 27.

There are five points to be aware of, and understand for the extended season:

  1. We will not be using the reservation system, but we will keep the 180-person maximum capacity. Entry to the pool will be on a first-come basis. The Gate Guard and Head Lifeguard will monitor the number of people entering the facility to ensure we stay below maximum capacity. This is to make the pool more available to members and should avoid the adverse impact of the high “no-show” rates we have experienced all season.
  2. All COVID-19 related precautions/protocols will remain in effect.
    • Maintain social distance…in and out of the pool.
    • Practice proper personal hygiene; wash/sanitize hands frequently.
    • Wear a face mask when entering/leaving the pool, pool house, and whenever you cannot maintain social distance when walking about.
    • When walking about keep your distance from tables…the cones should help guide traffic.
    • Obey the Life Guards’ directions.
    • Parents, as always, monitor your children in and out of the pool.
  3. Parents: reinforce the COVID-19 rules and stress proper behavior while at the pool. Young teens enjoy the freedom of going to the pool without adult supervision, however, we cannot tolerate disruptive behavior. The extended season and hours are just too short; and all members deserve to enjoy their time at the pool; misbehavior will result in loss of pool privileges.
  4. By attending the pool all members agree to the waiver used with the online reservation system that basically says you understand the inherent risks associated with activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic and hold SASTC and Guardian Aquatics harmless. If you have not attended the pool this year, you are required to download a PDF version of the waiver and provide a signed copy to the gate guard before entering the pool.
  5. The extended season hours are:

Mon-Thu:  4 PM-8 PM

Fri:  4 PM-9 PM

Sat:  10am-10pm (three blocks of time: 10 AM-1 PM, 2 PM-5 PM, 6 PM-10 PM)

Sun:  10am-9pm (three blocks of time: 10 AM-1 PM, 2 PM-5 PM, 6 PM-9 PM)

Note (1) On Saturday & Sunday, the hour in-between blocks of time will continue to be used for cleaning. Everyone will be required to leave the fenced-in pool area until the next block of time. Please avoid congregating in large groups at the gate prior to pool reopening.
Note (2) The pool will be closed during the week Monday, September 21 – Thursday, September 24, and then open for the final weekend on Friday, September 25th at 4 PM-9 PM. The pool will close for the season on Sunday, September 27 at 8 PM.

For the remainder of the season, we are continuing to allow up to two guests per household on a space-available basis. If we near capacity, we will defer guests in favor of members.

Adult (18+) members must accompany and be responsible for guests at all times while attending the pool facility. No drop-off check-ins.

Prior to visiting, download and fill out/sign the Guest Waiver form and purchase your guest credits BEFORE coming to the front gate. Guests must submit a signed waiver at the time of check-in. Members may obtain waiver forms for each guest in advance online on the member’s account page next to the “Make a Reservation” button. This waiver also requires the sponsoring member’s signature assuming responsibility for their guests and also agreeing to the terms of the waiver for themselves. Guest waivers will be collected and retained at the front desk.

Guest Credits ($5.00 per guest) must be purchased in advance online as No Cash/Check/Credit will be transacted at the gate.

Remember: if you or your guest(s) are feeling ill or experiencing any of the reported symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT enter the pool facility.

We appreciate everyone’s continued cooperation during our efforts to accommodate as many people as is safely possible. Please be considerate of others as some have not yet had the chance to book a weekend slot and continue to limit your reservations to 3 times per week. You may continue to book an open slot the morning of (after 8 AM) the same day, even if you already have 3 for the week.

Although we are fast approaching the end of the season, we all need to continue to be vigilant and follow federal/state/local health and safety guidelines. There have been reports of members not maintaining a safe distance and NOT wearing masks; especially on the playground. Let’s finish out the season strong AND safely. The best way to protect yourself and others is to maintain at least a 6-ft. distance, wash your hands, and wear face masks.

We welcome all complaints, suggestions, requests, and especially compliments! Please put them in writing to Megan Cormier (memberinfo@sastc.com), Chris Duffy (poolmanager@sastc.com), or Matt Moran (support@sastc.com) so they may be referred to the board and/or addressed appropriately.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience as we work through this process. We hear you and we continue to evaluate and implement all the feedback, suggestions, and concerns as deemed appropriate for the entire membership.