Guest Fee FAQs

Guest credits are tied to your account and are deducted at the front desk when you check in with a guest.  Additional guest credits can be purchased in the payment center.  You must be logged into your account to proceed.

At this time, we are not accepting any cash/check/credit card payment at the front desk. All purchases must be made online through your account.  Members must register their guests and remain in attendance on the property during the entire time their guests are on the property.

Guest Credits don’t expire and will remain in your account.

Guest Credit Fees:  $5 (1 – $5.00 credit)

Any full member with an account in good standing may purchase guest credits to use for their guests.   Tennis Only members and members who have put their membership on hold for this year cannot purchase Guest Credits for the pool.

You may have up to 6 guests per household account join you at the club unless you are renting a pavilion for an event. While we are not restricting the number of guests who may attend a pavilion event, you must send that list of NON-MEMBER attendees to the pool manager ( prior to your event date and time. You must also purchase (online) all necessary guest credits to go along with your guest list.

If you have a summer babysitter/nanny over 18 years of age, they can bring your children to the pool this summer if they are listed on your membership.  There is a $50.00 fee to add a babysitter/nanny and it can be paid for in the payment center.  Guest passes may not be used for your babysitter/nanny as they will not be allowed to be the supervising adult for your children under 10 if they are not on your account.