To Make a new reservation:

  • On the next screen, you will be able to choose the court you want to reserve
    • Tennis Court #1/Backboard
    • Tennis Court #2
    • Tennis Court #3
    • Tennis Court #4

  • You will be able to see court times available from the current date and for the next 10 days (starting April 1)
  • Click on any available 1 1/2-hour time slot you wish to reserve
  • Then, check a member or members of your family (up to 4 per court) and check if you wish to receive an email confirmation:

  • Once you’ve made your selections, Book it!

  • You will then see this screen:

  • And, you should see this email in your Inbox:

  • Click to open and view your court time reservation which will include the court you reserved, the date, time, and members of your account on the reservation:

To manage your existing reservations:

Use the email confirmation (requires login), or log into your account at any time and look for “My Reservations” to change or cancel your reservation(s). Please be considerate and cancel any reservations you will not be using so that others may use that time slot.


  • Find the reservation(s) you want to change and click on MANAGE for that reservation. Uncheck/Check members of your family
  • Alternatively, you may CANCEL the entire reservation. Follow the prompt to confirm that cancellation.