This information is for NEW Members Only.  Returning members should log in to their account to renew membership or see fees.

All Chartwell residents can join St. Andrews Swim and Tennis Club at any time (no wait-list!).  Please note that addresses are verified to ensure Chartwell Community Association membership.  Before purchasing or renting a home in Chartwell, we recommend verifying that your home is an address that requires a dues-paying membership to the Chartwell Community Association.  Additional registration for new members and application form below.

$700   One-time, non-refundable initiation fee
$550   Annually
$150   Replacement Reserve annual fee
$1,400   Total, first year

Non-Chartwell Residents should expect to spend an at least of 5  years on the waitlist.  You are welcome and encouraged to check your status on the wait-list by logging into your member account. It is your responsibility to notify and provide us with any updates or changes to your home address, phone number and/or email address in order to not delay or void the process of inviting you to join our club.  Recommendation: get on the list now so you won’t miss out in the event there is room sooner rather than later.  The fee for the waitlist is $50 which is then credited toward your membership fee once your number comes up and you are accepted off the list.  To begin the process to join the wait-list, please fill out the form below.

$725   One-time, non-refundable initiation fee
$600   Annually
$150    Replacement Reserve annual fee
$1,475   Total, first year

Please ensure all information on the registration form is accurate and complete.  If not, your membership registration may be rejected or revoked.  This is especially important as it relates to a home address, phone number, and members of your household.

Only immediate family members (children 25/under and spouse) or LIVE-IN relatives such as an in-law/grandparent/aunt or uncle are allowed to be listed on the registration form.  Extended-stay guests+ such as visiting relatives and midshipmen are not allowed as family members and must pay the $10.00 guest fee at each visit.  Babysitters and au pairs/nannies are permitted but need to be identified and paid for as such ($75 each summer).  Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to

There are TWO forms below-

Please choose the correct tab for your situation (Chartwell Resident or Non-Resident Waitlist).

The Non-Resident Waitlist Application includes a $50 waitlist fee at the end of the application.

All addresses are verified with the County Real Property website to verify Chartwell Residents.  If you fill out the Chartwell Resident form and the address is not listed on Anne Arundel County’s Real Property website as a part of the Chartwell community, you will be placed on the waitlist after your correct Non-Resident Waitlist Application is submitted.

Chartwell Resident membership applications require approval and follow-up from the SASTC membership chair before the membership can be activated.  Please allow up to 48 hours for the membership to be activated…don’t delay and join today!