​The Little Saints program is intended to serve as a bridge between swim lessons and swim team. This is not a program for swimmers learning to conquer fears of the water or put their face under. This program is intended to get acclimated to the language and strokes of swimming, and to build stamina before making it the entire way down the pool on swim team in the future. Coach Matt McKenney will be running the program, along with Assistant Coach Kyle Cannon.

We hope this smaller group program will serve as a bridge between swim lessons and swim team for those younger kids who are strong swimmers but may not be quite ready for the swim team this year.  The goal is to build strength and stamina to be able to pass the swim test this year and join swim team confidently next year.

This program will close when full and the option to transfer from swim team may not be available all season.

In order to be eligible to participate, each child must:

-Be at least 5 years old
-Feel comfortable with face-in swimming
-Belly float for 5 seconds
-Swim across the width of the pool with minimal (one or two) stops
-Jump into the pool

Practice Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays and two Fridays (a total of 13 practices)

June 18 and 20
June 25, 27 and 28
July 2
July 9 and 11
July 16, 18 and 19
July 23 and 25

Time: 11-11:30 am

Cost: $85 (we will transfer your swim team registration fee so no additional amount is owed if transferring from swim team)

Additional Dates:
-There will be a Little Saints “mini-meet” during the season (Date TBD)
-SASTC Ice Cream Social on June 20
-SASTC Teams End of Season Party on July 25.

To Register for Little Saints, please use the Team Registration form at https://sastc.membersplash.com/teams-programs/team-registration/.  The cost is $85 (which includes insurance and 13 lessons).