Spring 2021

Hello SASTC Members!

First, on behalf of the board, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Welcome!” to our newest members and “Welcome back!” to our renewed families. Having successfully navigated through the restrictions and concerns of the COVID-19 Pandemic last season, we are continuing to watch for Federal, State and County guidance and actively engaged in planning for an even better season this year.

To prepare for this new pool season, the semi-annual General Meeting will be held, via Zoom, May 12, 2021 at 7:30pm. We are not quite ready to open up the clubhouse for any events…but stay tuned. As we approach the meeting date, we will send another email with the Zoom link and details to all current voting members. During this meeting we will share details on the current budget, plans for activating the pool for opening Day Friday May 28th, planned social events and food trucks, the status of team schedules (given the uncertainties of organized teams this summer), ongoing board initiatives, and try to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Secondly, in an earlier newsletter we mentioned that with the tennis court resurfacing next month, we planned to add pickle-ball lines to courts #1 & 2. This was in response to member requests and seemed like a natural addition since some have already been playing pickle-ball on the courts. However, due to concerns of possible noise issues expressed by a few neighbors, we have decided to take a more measured approach. To ensure we are not creating an unintended problem, we will defer the addition of permanent Pickle-ball lines and use temporary markings to allow members to play Pickle-ball on a temporary basis. This will allow us to monitor, and address, any real concerns before making this a permanent option on any of our courts…always willing to get smarter; and certainly, we want to be mindful of the desires and concerns of our members and neighbors.

Thirdly, please remember: our club is managed by volunteers for the enjoyment of all SASTC members. So, we need your participation. If you think it would be nice if we had or did XYZ, then by all means volunteer to spearhead, or assist with that initiative. Take an opportunity this summer to get involved and volunteer on any of the committees or teams…even if only for one, or two, events/activities. Areas to consider include preparing for Opening Day, general maintenance/repair coordination, helping with the pool facilities or programs, social activities, tennis/swim/dive teams, or any special project you are interested in that would benefit the members. In other words, if you have a complaint/concern/suggestion/recommendation for the club or how it is managed, are you prepared to help solve it? If the answer is “Yes,” then let’s work together to make some positive changes and improvements.

If interested in assisting or learning how you can assist, please reach out to any board member.

President:  Bob Danahy
Vice President:  Bud Jewett
Treasurer:  Gayle Wolfe
Secretary:  Sarah Mutchler
Clubhouse Mngr:  Kim Carson
Grounds:  Carol Burke
Membership:  Megan Cormier
Pool Manager:  Chris Duffy
(Social Activities:  Vacant
Teams Chair:  Nathan Walsh
Publicity/Website:  Matt Moran

We look forward to seeing you ate the club for another fun season. Enjoy the warming weather and watch out for those cicadas!

Bob Danahy
President, SASTC